Clothing for the 21st century: futuristic high-tech shirts that fit everyone, always.

Engineered by PhD alumni from the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

User-adaptable at all times to changes in body-shape and style.

Switch between classic fit and slim fit for casual and business occasions.

Connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Control your always-on personal assistant of choice with embedded voice and tactile control.

Make and receive calls, listen to music and control your devices without taking them out of your pocket.

Embedded earpiece for privacy or quiet environments.

Helps combat emissions resulting from online return rates often as high as 50% in the clothing industry.

Offers a sustainable alternative to Fast Fashion by dramatically extending product life. Fast Fashion products are generally disposed of in under twelve months, wasting $500 billion each year, while tech products have a much longer product life. By infusing our shirts with tech, we build the future in more than one way.

Manufactured responsibly, with the option for users to enter the product number of their shirt and see the exact journey of the product, the people, places and companies involved, all to measure each shirt’s net positive impact.

Initial versions of the product will be extremely limited in number, as this is an early-stage high-tech garment: clothing of the future. The initial group selected from the waiting list will own the first high-tech proper garments – techwear products – ever produced.

The unique aesthetics of the shirt can be customised online, but will maintain the basic tech-art style of the Decorte brand. This includes a form-follows-function look with an exoskeleton embedded in the shirt and a radical rethinking of what makes a shirt: spread collars are rejected and the collar once more becomes a visible point of attention, now with a high-tech appearance. A new harmony between traditional and futuristic wear.

Each shirt includes a designer collectible button which details exact number in production, starting from 0001, with login details to verify shirt identity and authenticity. An option to link your identity or username of choice publicly to your production number allows memorialisation of the earliest fashion-tech adopters.