DFI is an early-stage Cambridge Cluster startup founded in 2019 to produce body-adaptive intelligent clothing with embedded AI controls. We build clothing that always fits and that renders the modern smartphone obsolete by integrating all its functions and controls directly into our clothing, completing the true natural evolution of wearables. After moving from PCs to laptops, then smartphones, tablets, and finally wearables, the next dominant platform is ours - turning our own bodies into the most intuitive UI.

For individuals, DFI builds the Exoshirt Mark I, a body-adaptive futuristic shirt that allows you to control any and all devices, place phone calls, listen to music, control virtual assistants and other AIs.

For businesses, the armed forces, police, health workers and first responders, DFI builds intelligent always-fitting uniforms. These uniforms integrate the human into the Internet of Things, giving the wearer digital 'superpowers' by allowing true human-machine team integration. Employees are able to control drones, devices, complex machinery, robotics and comms directly with their uniform through voice and gesture-based commands, as intuitive as giving orders to a teammate. Roughly half the world's working population wears a uniform, and yet none of these uniforms truly or directly assist the wearer in the job they are doing. We allow businesses to innovate, cut costs (no need to stock sizes or tailor), increase environmental sustainability (extending product life and fighting fast fashion), all while rendering their employees much more effective at their jobs.

Our team consists of Cambridge PhDs with diverse backgrounds from ancient code-breaking to machine learning (Department of Engineering); also on the team are two MPhil/MEng engineers. Collectively, the team has published original research in a wide range of scientific and academic journals and has won numerous personal awards, as well as representing 5 nationalities.

our team


Dr Roeland P.-J.E. Decorte

Founder, CEO

holds a BA/MA, MPhil and PhD from the University of Cambridge, which he joined as likely the youngest student from his nation in the university’s history. His doctoral work on ancient code-breaking, undertaken on a full UK Research Council scholarship, is cited by world experts in his field. He holds six personal awards, including honorary scholarships, as a result of his work on modern and ancient politics, ancient economics and code-breaking. He has been teaching undergraduates at the University of Cambridge for over six years.

Jayna Jogia

Interim Head of Engineering

Jayna Jogia MEng. is a mechanical engineer with more than six years of practical experience who enjoys working at the intersection of technology and commercial success. A natural problem solver, she was a core engineer for a machine that encoded Wikipedia into DNA. Besides this, she has primarily developed medical devices at all stages of the product life cycle, building in robustness and quality at every step. Prior to her current role, she was a Senior Engineer at a Cambridge based technical consultancy

Dr Jos van der Westhuizen

Machine Learning & Engineering Advisor

holds a PhD in Machine Learning from the University of Cambridge. Jos is a South African national currently based in Silicon Valley, where he leads a Sequoia and Seattle Techstars funded venture (www.kristalic.com). Kristalic has raised $2 million in series A funding, producing a personal CRM manager app that integrates perfectly with our intelligent clothing. He assists Decorte Future Industries with machine learning as well as generalist startup expertise, having been involved in more than five startups.

Botty Dimanov

Customer Development & Machine Learning Advisor

Holds an MPhil in Advanced Computer Science from Cambridge; he is a final-year PhD candidate in Explainable Artificial Intelligence. Ex-president of Cambridge University Entrepreneurs, Botty has owned a number of successful small businesses and is currently setting up a new start-up in AI testing. He is an enthusiastic and ambitious advisor who assists with anything from product/market fit to machine learning.

Ahmed Fardin

Head of Sustainability & Textile Industry

holds an MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development in the apparel and fashion industry, having completed his thesis on single-material yield analysis of garment factories at the Centre for Sustainable Development, Engineering Department, University of Cambridge. He has extensive experience in manufacturing, waste, risk mitigation and renewable energy, has worked as a Research Engineer for the National University of Singapore, and has held a client-facing role in a risk mitigation consultancy in Australia.

Senior advisors


Dr Gordon Hollingworth

Director of Engineering, Raspberry Pi


Stephen Lile

Managing Partner, Oxbridge Angels & Oxbridge Capital Partners

our location

Decorte Future Industries Ltd is based in the St. John's Innovation Centre in Cambridge, UK's oldest business incubator and the first knowledge-based innovation centre in Europe.


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