Decorte Techwear is an initiative and brand of the startup Decorte Future Industries Ltd., which builds futuristic tech-infused 21st century clothing. The Exoshirt Mark I, a body-adaptive shirt that allows you to control devices, place phone calls, listen to music and control virtual assistants, is our first direct-to-consumer product. For business-to-business sales we produce intelligent work-enhancing uniforms, with bespoke tech for each sector, allowing businesses to innovate, cut costs (body-adaptive tech eliminating the need to stock sizes or tailor), and increase environmental sustainability (extending product life and fighting fast fashion), while, above all, enhancing employees' capabilities and rendering them much more effective at their jobs. Our intelligent uniforms effectively give their wearers digital 'superpowers', by integrating the humans themselves into the Internet of Things, allowing the machine to become a natural extension: where the human-machine team first worked for, then alongside each other, we now offer the first true human-machine team integration.

For government sales we focus on the uniformed branches, removing the iPhones on the sleeve, or iPad on the belly, of the modern warfighter, law enforcement officer or emergency responder, allowing the wearer, through the above mentioned human-machine team integration, to control UxS, devices and comms directly through their uniform, with voice and gesture based commands, as intuitive as giving orders to a teammate. Remote observers can monitor real-time vitals, location, actions, body-heat, and almost anything else.

We seek to finally advance an industry that has not just mostly stood still in terms of type and design, but which has actually regressed: we often show comparative pictures of Karl Benz, who invented the first automobile in 1885, Henry Ford, who introduced the car to the assembly line in 1913, and Elon Musk, who sent an electric one into orbit around the sun, all wearing the same white shirt of near-identical design - though Elon's doesn't fit. Indeed, due to the disappearance of local tailors and rise of fast fashion, our clothing fits us worse than ever, and is of worse quality than ever. We offer true disruption in the clothing industry through a low-cost adaptive exoskeleton embedded in clothing, allowing it to be adapted to body-shape or size, and by solving the problem tech companies have been trying to solve for decades: how to create tech-infused clothing that is washable, wearable, lightweight and affordable - the natural evolution of wearables.

Our team consists of University of Cambridge PhDs, with diverse backgrounds ranging from ancient code-breaking to machine learning (Cambridge Department of Engineering) and business innovation (Cambridge Institute for Manufacturing). Two MPhil/MEng engineers, one expert in mechanical and the other in sustainable engineering, work on a full-time interim and part-time basis. Collectively, the team has published original research in a wide range of scientific and academic journals, has won numerous personal awards, and represents 5 nationalities.

We firmly believe that innovation and the world-wide push for sustainability can and should be market-led: we show that companies can have a clear incentive to disrupt and innovate wasteful industries, wastefulness which in the long term also translates into decreased profitability for businesses (Ellen MacArthur foundation 2019 report in the case of Fast Fashion), as part of their core mission to deliver value and create prosperity within a free and fair market.

our team


Dr Roeland P.-J.E. Decorte

Founder, CEO

holds a BA/MA, MPhil and PhD from the University of Cambridge, which he joined as likely the youngest student from his nation in the university’s history. His doctoral work on ancient code-breaking, undertaken on a full UK Research Council scholarship, is cited by world experts in his field. He holds six personal awards, including honorary scholarships, as a result of his work on modern and ancient politics, ancient economics and code-breaking. He has been teaching undergraduates at the University of Cambridge for over six years.

Jayna Jogia

Head of Engineering

Jayna Jogia MEng. is a mechanical engineer who enjoys working at the intersection of technology and commercial success. A natural problem solver, she was a core engineer for a machine that encoded Wikipedia into DNA. Besides this, she has primarily developed medical devices at all stages of the product life cycle, building in robustness and quality at every step. Prior to her current role, she was a Senior Engineer at a Cambridge based technical consultancy.

Dr Jos van der Westhuizen

Machine Learning & Engineering Advisor

holds a PhD in Machine Learning from the University of Cambridge. Jos is a South African national currently based in Silicon Valley, where he leads a Sequoia and Seattle Techstars funded venture ( Kristalic has raised over a $1 million in funding, producing a personal CRM manager app that integrates perfectly with our shirts. He assists Decorte Future Industries with machine learning as well as generalist startup expertise, having been involved in more than five startups.

Dr Yifeng Chen

Sustainability & Innovation Advisor

holds a BA/MA, Mphil and PhD in Health Economics from the University of Cambridge, where he worked at the Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research. Yifeng is a Chinese national currently working on business innovation at the Cambridge Institute for Manufacturing. He calculates the positive net impact of our products on the environment.

Ahmed Fardin

Head of Sustainability & Textile Industry Advisor

holds an MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development in the apparel and fashion industry, having completed his thesis on single-material yield analysis of garment factories at the Centre for Sustainable Development, Engineering Department, University of Cambridge. He has extensive experience in manufacturing, waste, risk mitigation and renewable energy, has worked as a Research Engineer for the National University of Singapore, and has held a client-facing role in a risk mitigation consultancy in Australia.

our location

Decorte Future Industries Ltd. is based in the highly prestigious St. John's Innovation Centre in Cambridge, the UK's oldest business incubator and the first knowledge-based innovation centre in Europe.


Decorte Future Industries Ltd.

St. John's Innovation Centre

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